“To do great things, you take risks—I think it’s just the job. We can’t be in a routine where we go to the office in the morning and do whatever we did last year again this year. That is why we are artists and not craftsmen. A craftsman makes a chair, and tomorrow he makes the same chair. An artist makes something new.”

– Omar Sy


Karla Allingham
Chorale Treasurer

Eleanor Baker

Cheryl Burton
Music Librarian

Headshot Placeholder F

Katherine Heller

Headshot Placeholder F

Debi Howard

Soni Koskela

Laverne Nelson

Headshot Placeholder F

Jill Schadt

Paula Shephard


Stacie Anfinson

Jan Brown

Nancy Browne

Mary Chard

DDS Head Square Large

Deborah DeSimone
Chorale Secretary

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Carole Fish

Patricia Gates

Janus Torres

Kathryn Yoder
Board Member


David Fetz

Brian White


Robert Altizer
Chorale President

John Cleveland
Chorale Vice-President

Edwin Hoag

Franklin Martinson

Jim Williams, Jr.